A.S. Executive Officers


Carlos Fitch - AS President

A.S. President

Carlos A. Fitch is a senior from Calexico, California.  He is pursuing a double degree in History and Spanish. His involvement in Associated Students began during the 2020-2021 Academic Year. 

Carlos A. Fitch’s leadership and service includes:

Institutional Leadership Positions:

  • Associated Students President (2021-22)
  • Associated Students Ambassador (2020-21)
  • Imperial Valley College Foundation Leadership Ambassador (2019-2020)
  • Undergraduate Imperial Valley Senator on University Senate (2021-22)

Associated Students Committees:

  • Chairperson of Research Committee (2021-22)
  • Chairperson of Hearing Committee (2021-22)
  • Member of SDSU-IV Campus Fee Advisory/IRA Committee (2021-22)
  • Member of SDSU-IV Commencement Committee (2020-21) and (2021-22)
  • Member of Bylaws Committee (2020-21) and (2021-22)
  • Member of Educational Events Committee (2020-21)
  • Member of Disciplinary Committee (2020-21)
  • Member of Appointment Committee (2020-21)
  • Member of SDSU-IV Leadership Council (2021-22)
  • Strategic Committee, Imperial Valley Designee (2021-22)

Involvement in SDSU-Imperial Valley:

  • Student Affairs and Educational Opportunity Program, Instructional Assistant (2019-21)
  • Academic Learning Center, Public Relations Officer (2021-present)
  • Division of Education, Student Assistant (2021-present)
  • Aztecs Dance Club, Executive Secretary (2020-21) and VP Finance (2021-22)
  • Community Wellness Assistance Cohort (CWAC), Executive Secretary (2020-21)
  • Planned Parenthood Generation Action (PPGA), Vice President of Finance (2021-22)

Involvement in the Community: 

  • Calexico’s City Council Arts and Historical Board, Commissioner (2021-present) 
  • Calexico Needs Change, Member (2020-present)
  • California Higher Education Student Summit, Legislative Delegation Member (2021 Delegation)
  • Imperial Valley LGBT Resource Center, Volunteer
  • Planned Parenthood, Volunteer

Carlos’ goal for this year is to uplift student involvement in Imperial Valley with a mindset of bringing more resources and opportunities to our student population, but also growth opportunities to our faculty and staff. It is Carlos’ intention to advocate for meaningful investments and significant raises on budget allocations to our campus to ensure a greater retention of students and faculty members. Carlos is committed to set historic precedents for future A.S. Presidents to become a strong image of the University and portray academic excellence, shared-governance, eloquent initiatives and setting high standards of commitment and experienced-based leadership. Carlos is committed to show the disparities of Imperial Valley students to administration, in an effort to achieve and set the ground for exponential change for the years to come in higher education offered at Imperial County.

Executive Vice President

A.S. Executive Vice President

Jazmyn Horton-Alvarado

Jazmyn Horton-Alvarado is a second-year graduate student from Imperial, California. She is pursuing a degree in social work. Her involvement in Associated Students (A.S.) began 2 years ago when she filled the Elections Coordinator position. Through that experience she grew an appreciation for all the hard work students were doing on campus and she is now the Executive Vice President.

Jazmyn’s leadership and service include:

  • S. Executive Vice President
  • Graduate Student Senator for University Senate
  • Chair of Aztec Events Committee, Recognized Student Organization Oversight Committee, and Disciplinary Committee
  • Finance and Facilities Committee

Her goals for this year include advocating for student’s rights, ensuring student voices are uplifted and heard, and working to create a safe, fun and inclusive campus environment. These are all areas she is passionate about bringing attention to. Her last goal is to build up relationships between local administration and SD administration so IV continues to have a presence in matters that affect them.


Erika - VP of Finance


A.S. Vice President of Finance

Erika D. Gutierrez-Guler is a Senior from Brawley, California. She is pursuing a degree in Mathematics Single Subject Teaching. Her involvement in Associated Students (A.S.) began in the 2021-2022 Academic School Year.

Erika D. Gutierrez’s leadership and service includes:

  • A.S. Vice President of Finance (2021-2022)
  • Facilities Committee Chair (2021-2022)
  • Finance Committee Chair (2021-2022)
  • Educational Committee (2021-2022)
  • Scholarship Committee (2021-2022)
  • SDSU-IV Commencement Committee (2021-2022)
  • Mathematics Tutor and Lead at Imperial Valley College

Some of the goals Erika would like to accomplish is to push services that SDSU-IV has to offer for their students. She also wants to encourage students to be more interactive with the campus as it will help open more doors for them such as meeting new people, getting scholarships, educational opportunities, etc.


Vice President of university affairs


A.S. Vice President of University Affairs

2013-2014 Alysa Teran 2014-2015 Valeria Granados
2015-2016 David Lopez 2016-2017 Yareli Rivera
2017-2018 Fernanda Figueroa 2018-2019 Anthony B. Acosta
2019-2020 Alyssa Angelina Valdez 2020-2021 Lawson Hardrick III

Associated Students

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