Staff Listing

Name Department Email
Aguilar, Norma Student Affairs [email protected]
Astorga, Georgette Student Affairs [email protected]
Bojorquez, Aracely Student Affairs [email protected]
Carrillo, Juan Custodial Services [email protected]
Cesena, Viviann Student Affairs [email protected]
Chavez, Obed Facilities [email protected]
Chin, Oreda University Relations and Development [email protected]
Cordova,Rosalyn Custodial Services [email protected]
Cruz, Sara University Relations and Development [email protected]
De Anda, Charles Information Technology [email protected]
De La Pena, German Career & Veterans Services [email protected]
De Paoli, Lisa Student Affairs [email protected]
Del Angel, Rosa Continuing Education [email protected]
Fajardo, Javier Information Technology [email protected]
Ferreiro, Fernanda Business Services/Academic Affairs  [email protected]
Fuentes, Suzanna Continuing Education [email protected]
Gastelum, Melissa Student Affairs [email protected]
Guardado Loza, Ana Division of Education [email protected]
Gomez, Jose Luis Grounds [email protected]
Gonzalez, Adrian Information Technology [email protected]
Gonzalez, Alejandrina Instructional Services [email protected]
Gonzalez, Melyssa Student Affairs [email protected]
Guttierez, Alma Aztec Shops [email protected]
Lopez, Susana Business Services [email protected]
Madero, Maribel Business Services [email protected]
Murguia, Guadalupe Student Affairs [email protected]
Palma, Samuel Dean's Office [email protected]
Peraza, Francisco Student Affairs [email protected]
Perez, Livier Mini-Corps [email protected]
Preciado, Camilo Grounds [email protected]
Ramirez, Karina Library [email protected]
Rivera, Araceli Aztec Shops [email protected]
Robles, Alicia Business Office [email protected]
Robles, Evid Library [email protected]
Rodiles, Daniella Marketing & Media Relations [email protected]
Romero, Barbara Student Affairs [email protected]
Rossette, Douglas Custodial Services [email protected]
Sierra Marquez, Alexa Business Services asierramarquez
Singh, Martha Cal-SOAP [email protected]
Uriarte, Jesus Information Technology [email protected]
Urias, Aday Student Affairs [email protected]
Vadillo, Veronica Human Resources [email protected]
Vega, Luciano Maintence [email protected]
Vega, Olga C. Business Office [email protected]
Velarde, Oliver Information Technology [email protected]
Villa, James Student Success & Retention [email protected]
Villarreal, Melissa Food Pantry [email protected]
Villegas, Henry Student Affairs [email protected]
Vizcarra, Liliana English Language Skills Cert. [email protected]
Wong, Betty Division of Education [email protected]
Yacopi, Americo Student Affairs [email protected]