Arts & Culture

Enrich Your Learning

SDSU–Imperial Valley has a rich history of arts and culture activities.  These include art exhibits, lectures, workshops, music concerts, theater productions, films, dance performances, poetry contests, and numerous ethno-cultural events.

There has been an art gallery on campus since 1986.  Semantics Humanities Enrichment Program organized and funded cultural events from 1992-2009. 

Art Without Borders is a currently active student organization that hosts events.  An Instructionally–Related Activity Fee funds lectures and field trips.  The arts on campus make it easy to learn something new.

A Foundation of Variety

Poetry readings have been held in the gallery and library, and appearances by Chicano writer Gary Soto twice filled Rodney Auditorium.  When the Taco Shop Poets performed to a large audience of students and faculty on the gallery patio, a taco bar provided a free dinner for all.  Music performances have ranged from Mariachi Calafia to Afro-Cuban Drums to Valley Jazz to the reggae of De Aqui Pa’l Real to the soothing sounds of a classical string quartet serenading students studying for finals in the library.  Plays have included works from Mexican authors and Italian opera from San Diego.  The Isaacs/McCaleb Dancers twirled and leapt across the Quad in tribute to Zona Río for the university’s Centennial Celebration in 1997.  Outstanding filmmakers from Iran, Sweden, Argentina, Russia, Italy, India, and many other nations have been represented in the International Film Festivals.  Art exhibits have featured drawings, paintings, sculpture, installation, and performance.