Professional Skills Development Center

Advance your career through Professional Development

Program director

Suzanna Fuentes-Ferreiro

mission statement

The goal of the Professional Skills Development Center is to provide professional development  training programs through conferences, symposiums, workshops, and certificate programs to the  residents of the Imperial Valley, Mexicali, and Baja California in Mexico. The successful implementation of  these programs is accomplished by partnering with important academic institutions in the private and  public sectors. The Professional Skills Development Center makes SDSU-IV part of the community by  attending local and international meetings, activities, and events. 

Programs in the Imperial Valley focus on migrant education, the use of technology in  education and in the workforce by providing in person, hybrid and online only training programs in Basic  Computer Training and Employment Empowerment, Medical Administrative Assistant Certification,  Empowering English Learners for the Workplace and Introduction to English as a Second Language and  Basic Computers Training Program. 

The international training programs include pedagogical theory and practice focused on second  language learners’, language acquisition and assessment. The English Language Skills Assessment Program  is responsible for the creation and implementation of English assessments internationally. 

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Imperial Valley Programs

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Binational Programs

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