Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We can assist you with a wide range of tutoring, from class assignments to studying for tests. One-on-one sessions are provided by peer tutors through pre-arranged appointments. The center also conducts workshops for academic success. All services are free of charge and to all SDSU-IV students.

 No. Our tutors are also students and need to focus on their final exams as well. With that in mind, please schedule your tutoring session in a timely manner.

We hope that starting Summer 2020, we have some tutors available.


Tutoring Session Questions

Yes. We can send you a copy of the Tutoring Session Report once the tutor completes it. A copy of the report can be emailed to you, as well as, your instructor.

Walk-ins are welcomed when an immediate session is available. If we do have an opening, you can see a tutor right away. Ask a tutor for further help.

You can do this yourself by clicking on your appointment slot; a pop-up window will then appear, and you can click on the “Cancel This Appointment” box at the bottom.

Back-to-back appointments are allowed when you want a full hour appointment with a tutor. In most cases, most tutoring session do not last more than 30 minutes.

It’s whatever you prefer. When you set up your appointment you can select the tutor you wish to work with, as long as it works for your and the tutor’s schedule.

It depends. If you want a tutor to proofread, then yes, that would be beneficial. If you are still developing your ideas and need guidance, then a full draft is not needed.  

 We prefer the hardcopy. It makes the session run smoother.  

If you have a prompt from the instructor stating you are allowed to use outside resources, then we can help.

No. You must be present at all time during the tutoring session.

Unless you are using eTutoring as a resource to get comments on your paper, then no.

No, the individual needs to set up an appointment and come in to the session.


Workshop Questions

Workshops are held in a variety of rooms at SDSU-IV.

Starting Fall 2020, you can register for workshops through

Academic Learning Center Information

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