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San Diego State University is a nationally respected research institute and the Top Small Research Institute in the country for the past five years. It is a leader in the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies in support of national priorities. Many SDSU faculty members are currently working in renewable energy-related areas, and the university offers numerous programs in the areas of renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental studies.

The campus hosts a Center for Regional Sustainability, and there are various “green” clubs and societies operating throughout campus. SDSU’s Imperial Valley Campus (SDSU-IV) has two locations in Imperial County: Calexico and Brawley. The Brawley campus hosts an 11,000 sq. ft. building surrounded by 200 acres of agricultural fields zoned G/S (Government/Special Public Zone). Research development is a permitted use on the property, making it available for renewable energy training, research, and proof-of-concept and demonstration projects.

Under the SEC concept, the Brawley campus will be supported and outfitted with sufficient power supply, grid connection, and water and wastewater management processes to support a variety of renewable energy technologies. Educational goals for the SEC include developing new majors in collaboration with the SDSU main campus in the areas of Renewable Energy Management and Renewable Energy Systems.

Imperial Valley College (IVC), the region’s only community college, is currently redefining itself as an institution committed to sustainability and renewable energy. Working with community partners, IVC received a $940,000 grant to prepare students for careers in renewable energy. IVC offers “green” certificates, is developing an AS degree in renewable energy systems, and has a series of majors relevant to the academic mission of the SEC such as pre- engineering, physical and life sciences, business management, and finance.

The SEC concept offers the opportunity for a number of collaborations with educational institutions and programs in the Imperial Valley and beyond. It will also create a large number of educational opportunities for our students, faculty, and community:

  • Support for existing majors at SDSU-IV
  • Development of new majors at SDSU-IV
  • Support for existing majors and programs on the San Diego Campus
  • Support for academic program development at Imperial Valley College
  • Internships with energy-related organizations and utilities
  • Thesis/Dissertation opportunities
  • Energy education for non-technology oriented students
  • E-Learning programs
  • International collaborations.

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