Fee Postponemnet/Deferment

If you qualify for a Financial Aid Fee Postponement, you did not need to pay fees prior to registration.

Once you log onto your WebPortal, under "My Registration"  you will see a message which idicates if you are eligible to postpone the payment of your Basic Tuition and Fees. If eligible, postponing the payment of your registration fee will be automatic. Your Basic Tuition and Fees will be deducted from the first disbursement of your financial aid at the beginning of the semester.

You can also check your eligibility to postpone the payment of your fee by logging into your  AidLink account. All required financial aid documents must be submitted to be able to determine your eligibility. If your financial aid award is reduced or becomes unavailable for any reason, you must pay your fees in full by the census date.

If you are not eligible to postpone the payment of your fees, do not wait until your registration access date to find out you cannot register.

Financial Aid Apply Order

It is the policy of San Diego State University to directly apply financial aid and/or scholarship funds to current year registration fees, residence hall charges, and other institutional expenses (including financial aid overpayments) before releasing funds to students. A student may request that their Cal Grant B Access Grant be disbursed directly to them. This request can be made at any time; however, if the grant has already been disbursed, the request would affect only future payments. The request may be made, in person, to the Student Account Services office.

For more information about the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships please click here.