Redirection to SDSU Imperial Valley

Congratulations on your redirection to SDSU Imperial Valley! We welcome you to our academic community. SDSU Imperial Valley, located in Calexico, CA, offers excellent academic programs, with small classes and faculty who are dedicated to your success. Our tuition is very affordable and financial aid is available for students who qualify. You'll graduate with an SDSU degree which is highly valued in California and around the nation.

SDSU Imperial Valley is a satellite campus of San Diego State University. A part of the SDSU community since 1959, SDSU Imperial Valley combines the virtues of a small private research university with CSU access and CSU affordability. Our faculty are respected researchers in their fields, providing high quality academic programming in small classroom settings to a diverse student body.

Redirected students are not eligible for admission to SDSU's San Diego campus for Fall 2022 entry.

General Information

Q. Why has my application been redirected?
A. You applied to campuses, or majors at a CSU campus, that were impacted and you were not accepted, due to limited capacity.
Q. Which academic programs does SDSU Imperial Valley offer?
A. SDSU Imperial Valley currently offers first-year students the opportunity to enter with majors in Criminal Justice, Liberal Studies (Education), or Psychology. Transfer students can study English, History, Social Science, Spanish, Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Mathematics, and Psychology.
Q. Is Housing Available?
A. No, SDSU Imperial Valley does not offer student housing. As SDSU Imperial Valley primarily serves students who reside within Imperial County or nearby cities, the campus does not offer a residential experience. Students who come to us from other areas of California and the U.S. typically find apartment rentals within the city of Calexico.
Q. How will I pay for college?
A. Most SDSU Imperial Valley students receive some form of financial aid. Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid as early as possible by submitting the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Dream Application. More information on our cost of attendance can be found on our website.
Q. After being redirected to SDSU Imperial Valley, how do I get admitted?
A. Your application will be reviewed based on self-reported information in your Cal State Apply application. If you meet CSU eligibility requirements, you will receive provisional admission by June 1, 2022. Information on how to secure your space in our class will be provided in your letter of admission.
Q. When do I need to submit my official transcripts?
A. Official transcripts are due July 15. Failure to submit all official transcripts by this date will result in your offer of admission being rescinded.

More information on the redirection process can be found on the CSU website.

Have questions? Contact Francisco Peraza at [email protected] or call (760) 768-5787.