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Student Accommodation Services Center (SASC) is the university office responsible for providing appropriate academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Our goal is to minimize barriers and ensure equal access for eligible students with disabilities to higher education through academic support services, technology and advocacy in order to promote their retention and graduation. Services and accommodations are available to students with documented disabilities, including but not limited to students who have visual limitations, communication limitations, learning disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, attentional disabilities, mobility and other functional limitations, as well as those who are deaf or hard of hearing. At SDSU, students initiate contact with Student Accommodation Services Center by providing appropriate documentation in order to determine eligibility. Services and accommodations may include note taking, accommodated testing, sign language interpreters, and textbooks in accessible formats. Students with temporary disabilities may request note taking, assistance with test taking, special parking and/or cart service.  Qualified students may also have access to an assistive technology through the Department of Rehabilitation. The Student Accommodation Services Center at SDSU IV currently serves over 25 students, which includes undergraduate and graduate students.

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Student Accommodation Services Center (SASC) is dedicated to empowering students with disabilities by ensuring they have access to appropriate support and services that minimize academic and physical barriers.


We are located in the library, room L-9 next to the food pantry. We are open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m - 5 p.m. To contact us, please call (760) 768 5637 or our email [email protected] and/or [email protected].

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